Randy Norris & Jeff Nicely

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Bio on the Duo Randy Norris & Jeff Nicely

Randy Norris has spent much of his life guitar slingin' on the road, blending soul, rock, New Orleans rhythm and delta blues with dynamic vocals and living by the credo: "If there's no feeling, you're just wasting your breath". Randy also spent 10 years in LA doing sessions and sideman work. Taking his vast repertoire north, he joined Jeff Nicely in fronting a popular Seattle area blues band at the turn of the century. Jeff is well traveled with his harmonicas, coast to coast and beyond the borders, playing loose pickin’ parties to tight funk ‘n soul shows, forever capturing the true rhythm and soul of the blues.

Contact Information:

Jeff Nicely425-359-3755

[email protected]

Randy Norris

[email protected]

90.7 KSER
Jonathan "Oogie" Richards

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Bottle up the Groove

Bottle Up the Groove 12 27 11
Randy Norris and Jeff Nicely

Jailhouse Moan

Jailhouse Moan 4 30
Randy Norris and Jeff Nicely

What I Gave Away

What I Gave Away
Randy Norris and Jeff Nicely

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction 1 6 11
Randy Norris and Jeff Nicely

Full Moon Rising

Full Moon Rising 1 6 12
Randy Norris and Jeff Nicely